Fu, Zheng

Ph.D of Sociology, Columbia University

My name is FU, Zheng (putting my given name Zheng in front of my surname Fu actually sounds like the word “government” in Chinese; Zheng is pronounced similarly to Joan). I am a PhD student and a Paul F. Lazarsfled Fellow in the department of Sociology at Columbia University. My current research interests lie at the intersection of political sociology, economic sociology, and STS in authoritarian contexts. My resesarch has expanded beyond authoritarian countries along with the ongoing expansion of authoritarianism and right-wing movement worldwide.

My current projects involve the dynamics of street level breaucracy in the United Sates, cross-country comparison on nationalism, and cross-country comparison of expertise in the time of COVID-19 pandemics.

In my previous projects, I have looked into the dynamic process of legitimation of authoritarian regime, how collective action of workers is possible in China, and how the Chinese state legitimizes and implements the labor law.

I employ qualitative, quantitative and computational methods in my research.

I graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2018 with an M.Phil degree in Social Science. I have also gained an M.A. degree in Sociology from Columbia University in 2020.